What’s in my closet: Festival Rompers

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IMG_0819IMG_0792It’s not a secet that I love rompers. You see them in almost every single one of my collections. It seems effortless for me to wear one but I wasn’t always as confident. Rompers are a bit tricky. They don’t always take into consideration all of the curves that some of us have. BUT I have a few tips to help you find your favorite romper.

1) TRY THINGS ON. Yes this sounds obvious but a lot of women don’t like to try things on because they believe that it will not fit them. My advice is to go ahead and do it! Try it on. It’s not as scary as it looks and you may surprise yourself. If you try something on and it doesn’t fit, try a bigger size. You might actually like the way that it looks.

2) FIND A HIGH WAIST ROMPER. If you have curves like I do you will want to make sure to always look for high waisted everything. Since I have a small waist I can hide those curves and give myself the perfect hourglass figure by just looking for high wasited rompers.

3) IT’S ALL IN THE LENGTH. It’s true. Not everyone can rock the short rompers. It all depends on how confident you are about your legs. But don’t let that stop you. Get motivated to walk that extra mile. Spend 15 minutes before bed doing lunges and squats. Trust me, I’ve had mornngs where I wished I had taken the extra time the night before. The great thing is that there is a solution! And guess what, you can always wear tights underneath rompers!

I hope this gives you motivation to try something new and below are a few of my favorite rompers including some from my House of Darlings collections.

KimchiRomperUO                         Open Seas Romper 2-Back







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