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Health and wellness blog featureOver the past couple of months I have learned a tremendous amount of information on how to live a non-toxic life and make better choices to live a healthy life. I’ve been in the non-toxic/organic space for a few years but just like anything- it can get overwhelming. There are so many choices and it’s almost impossible to research every ingredient and make the best non-toxic decision. I’ve been the biggest non-toxic conference for a few years now and a couple of weeks ago I found myself clueless as to how to pick the very best product when someone close to me needed the best advice.

Truth be told is that it’s almost impossible to live a chemical free life but what I learned is how to find the best within my lifestyle and within my budget.  

With all of this information I decided to start a health series and share as much information as I have. Putting a legal disclaimer that I am not an expert and you must do your own research and consult with your Dr. but I don’t want to be afraid to share the products that I love. I am especially passionate about sharing with those who are very sick. Your body and your environment can change the way you look at and treat diseases.




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