It’s all about hydration

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HOD Website- Blog feature image-ALKALINEHydration is key!! Changing of the season is prime time for getting sick and therefore your body is working overtime to fight off the virus. What I have learned is that my skin tends to suffer in those periods of time. So I double up on my water and swear by alkaline water. I even have my own filter that looks like a brita filter except it makes water mineralized. One of the best minerals is sulfate. Our bodies need the right amount of minerals and sulfates are much harder to get in foods. There are lots of studies on the benefits of sulfates which you can research further but some say that it supports joint, muscle, and nervous system health and detox.


And if you are one of those or know someone who is really sick- he/she needs to detox their body and get rid of all of the toxins. Mineralized water will help do this naturally. Of course it will take time- so why not start now before you are code red sick.

  • ALKALINE IONIZER WATER FILTRATION REMOVES FREE RADICALS, ELIMINATES TOXINS, & INCREASES IMMUNITY & ENERGY LEVELS – through powerful antioxidants, high negative ORP and our best quality Coconut Activated Carbon, also known as Activated Charcoal.
  • DRINKING ALKALINE IONIZED WATER CAN IMPROVE HEALTH – by reducing acidity we can reduce & prevent disease. Removing heavy metals, arsenic, lead, chemicals, fluoride, chlorine & chloramine we detoxify, while increasing antioxidants & essential mineral uptake such as zinc & calcium. Metabolism can be improved aiding in weight loss.

You can try San Pellegrino and get your body used to minerals. Most people can’t taste a strong difference but some do depending on the ph level of your body.

Here is a link to a great starter filter on amazon

Any your local whole foods should have a alkaline water station where you can refill your bottles/liters of water.




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